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Upgrade your Membership Here


 Why upgrade your membership?

> We recommend that you should be at a grade of membership that best reflects your level of competence and professional expertise

> With higher grades of membership comes greater professional recognition

> If you upgrade to Graduate, Associate or Full membership you will be entitled to use the associated post-nominals

> You will be able to access a broader range of benefits and receive support, guidance and information from the Chartered Institute appropriate to your competency level

> Ensure you are able to take advantage of special opportunities as they arise within the sector as other agencies and organisations start to adopt CIEEM's Competency Framework

Thinking about upgrading your membership to the next level? Here’s our quick guide to what you need to do.


Upgrading to Graduate, Associate or Full membership?

Step 1 – Watch our membership application video which will provide you with an overview of the application process.


Step 2 - Read through and familiarise yourself with our Competency Framework. Use the framework to see what our assessors are looking for evidence of in your application for each of the competencies at the different levels of membership. Assess yourself against the framework to see where your strengths are.

For Graduate membership you need to prove Basic competence, for Associate membership you must show Capable competence, and for Full you need to evidence Accomplished competence.    

Step 3 – Think about possible examples you may be able to use within your application. You will need to provide evidence for the seven competencies you choose within your application. More detailed information about the application process is available in our guidance document for applicants which is worth spending time reading through.

Step 4 – Make sure you have a suitable sponsor(s) in mind who would be able to support your application. Check that they would be happy to endorse your application. You can direct them to our Sponsors Resources webpage where they can find more information on what being a sponsor entails.

Step 5 – Make sure your CPD records are up to date as we will need the last three years (or since you joined CIEEM if less than that) in support of your application.

Step 6 – Once you’ve completed steps 1-5 you’re ready to download an application form. Scroll further down the page to download a form. When completing your application ensure you keep referring to the information provided in our guidance document for applicants.


 Key things to remember:

1. You can upgrade at any time of year - you don't need to tie it in with your annual membership renewal!

(If you're thinking of upgrading around our subscription renewal period be sure to renew your membership to ensure you remain a current member. We will be unable to approve an upgrade if your membership is not paid.)

2. Ensure you use the STARE method in the summary of competence section of the application form.

3. Make sure you look at the differences between competence levels in the framework and are able to clearly demonstrate and evidence what is expected at a higher level of competence. Remember the framework is what our assessors are using to review your application against.

4. If you think you can upgrade to a higher grade of membership and skip a grade, that's no problem. Please complete an application for the relevant grade (available here) and make it clear on your application or in a covering letter that you are already a member. There is a price list below which details a breakdown of all the upgrade fees. 

5. If you are already a Full or Fellow member and are thinking of going down one of our Chartership routes take a look at our dedicated Chartership pages for more information.  


Upgrading to Qualifying or Graduate (CIEEM accredited degree or pathway)?

As applications for Qualifying and Graduate (CIEEM accredited degree or pathway) are assessed in house by the Secretariat membership team you do not need to complete a summary of competence section.

You will just need to work through the application form updating us with your latest personal contact details, qualifications and work details and ask a sponsor to support your application.



Application forms

Application forms with prices for the 2017/18 subscription year are available below along with a table providing a full breakdown of upgrade prices. 

Download the Student to Graduate (CIEEM accredited degree) Upgrade Form


Download the Student to Graduate (non-CIEEM accredited degree) Upgrade Form


Download the Student to Qualifying Upgrade Form


Download the Qualifying to Associate Upgrade Form


Download the Graduate to Associate Upgrade Form


Download the Associate to Full Upgrade Form


  CIEEM membership upgrade fees 2017/18

 If you would like to pay application fees in Euros please contact the membership team for more information and latest prices. 


 *If you are considering an upgrade which isn’t listed here please get in touch with the membership team who will be able to advise you on the appropriate fee.