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Vice President-Elect (Ireland)

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Vice President (Ireland)Will Woodrow CEcol MCIEEM

I am a full member of CIEEM and a Chartered Ecologist.  I have worked in the area of ecology and environmental management for the majority of my working life since 1985.  With an employment history including the NGO and private sectors and as a Director of an Ecological Consultancy with 9 employees, I have both an interest in and commitment to advancing the work of the profession.  My experience means that I feel I am well equipped to do this and I feel that I am at a stage of my career where I want to try and give something back to the profession.

In addition, managing a consultancy that is based in Ireland and works almost 50% in Northern Ireland (NI) and 50% in the Republic of Ireland (RoI), I feel I am very well placed to fulfil a role dealing with the two jurisdictions.  Notably I am aware of the issues, including the very different political issues, facing the two jurisdictions and I have good contacts within relevant statutory agencies in both.  I believe my experience and longevity in the field places me in a strong position to provide input into the Governing Board on matters affecting NI and RoI and its members. 

I have recently started as a member of the Professional Standards Committee.  Although I have only recently joined, this has given me an understanding of the workings of CIEEM at a strategic level and has enabled me to see that I think I can make a valuable contribution to moving the organisation forward.

I believe that my background in working for an NGO and in running my own consultancy will help in my understanding the needs of members across the whole membership spectrum.  I also believe that my personal interests, studies and areas of work, including field ecology, policy and legislation, and wider sustainability issues, are very relevant in understanding the range of issues affecting the membership, and providing appropriate support to drive the industry forward.

During my Vice Presidency of CIEEM, things I would seek to help CIEEM achieve include the following:

  • The primary aim of my Vice Presidency would be to help CIEEM achieve real parity in advice and support to its members in NI and the RoI compared to the other jurisdictions. 
  • I believe that there has been a massive achievement by CIEEM in ‘raising the bar’, in identifying what is expected of professionals in the field through guidelines and other means.  I believe that there is now a need to move forward in helping those same professionals achieve high standards through appropriate support.  I would like to help CIEEM achieve the move towards training and technical assistance (which is already happening) in an appropriately targeted way.
  • With the advent of Brexit, the potential future for cross border work in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has never been less clear.  I would seek to help CIEEM achieve real steps forward in clarity and assistance for professionals working across both jurisdictions.

Note: Vice Presidents will normally be elected at the annual election cycle before the one at which they take office and will be known as the Vice President-Elect during the interim.