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Why join your Member Network Committee?

What do our committee members get out of it? Here are some of their thoughts:

“As a committee member I get to discuss the latest ecological issues with the best ecologists in their fields.”

Joanne Denyer MCIEEM, Ireland

“Organising events is a great way of showing appreciation to interesting projects and enterprising land managers who are doing great work - and if they are not members of CIEEM it is a way to introduce them to the organisation.”

Debbie Bartlett FCIEEM, South East England

“Working for the Section gives me some professional recognition, and provides me with the opportunity to influence the ecological sphere with the experiences of an environmentalist.”

Sara Parratt-Halbert Grad CIEEM, Yorkshire and the Humber

“Being on the committee gets me out there into a bigger, wider world of like-minded people beyond my office, or site, or wherever it is I might be working.  In doing so, I also get to participate in what I see as important activities, including driving up professional standards, and therefore, in my own small way making 'environmentalist' or 'ecologist' a legitimate career choice, justly on a par with other such professions.”

Brian Minshull CEnv MCIEEM, Scotland

“I can help to organise frequent and relevant local events for CIEEM members.  I believe that having events such as these is a very important part of membership, and other members have indicated to me that they also feel this to one of the most important aspects of membership.”

Ben Benatt CEnv MCIEEM, South East England

“Participating in the Geographic Section meetings allows me to learn from very experienced and conscientious ecologists, and gives me time to reflect on the day to day work I do and become a better ecologist.”

Jess Batchelor ACIEEM, West Midlands

“The regional Sections are where much of the work of the Chartered Institute is delivered at a local level. Through my experience of founding and being closely involved in the North West Section I have extended my subject knowledge and professional networks. Most importantly, involvement in the section has created the chance for me to give something back to the profession, to raise professional standards and to provide development opportunities for those early in their career.”

Paul Rooney CEnv MCIEEM, North West England


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