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Yetunde Abdul, BREEAM

Implementing BREEAM UKs Strategic Ecology Framework, championing an integrated approach, cross sectorial approach  

Yetunde Abdul

This presentation will give an overview of works to date to implement the framework into BREEAM family of schemes, links to ecosystem services and the importance of cross sector communication to support management and maintenance of a biodiverse sustainable environment

Ecology is one of a series of key sections included across the BREEAM family of schemes, which relate to master planning, infrastructure and buildings. The section encourages project teams to identify ecologically valuable features and opportunities to protect and enhance habitats, and to mitigate unavoidable impacts. In recognition of significant developments in best practice and the BREEAM team at BRE Global have worked closely with CIEEM and with a wide range of stakeholders to identify and develop a consistent strategic framework for evaluating ecology related issues across BREEAM.

BREEAM UKs Strategic Ecology Framework was completed in spring 2016. It guides and informs BREEAM criteria development, with the aim of achieving the following:

Understand the existing ecological value and condition of a site and its associated areas, in order to identify appropriate objectives. Identify, protect and enhance key existing ecological features. Remove or limit as far as possible, existing features identified as having negative impacts on the ecological value of the site. Mitigate unavoidable impacts and compensate against residual impacts. Enhance the broader ecological value of the site and its links to associated areas through the creation and/or management of ecological features on or near the site. Secure ongoing management and maintenance to ensure intended outcomes are realised over the life of the site.    

Short Biography: A life scientist by training Yetunde is a Principal Consultant working in the BREEAM team at BRE, the world's leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings.  As BREEAMs schemes development manager her work is varied involving project and programme management, strategic engagement and consultation to development projects technical, operational and commercial in focus. She led development of and leads work to implement BREEAM’s Strategic Ecology Framework into the BRE family of schemes.