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Competencies for Species Survey (CSS)

CSS CoverOn this page you will find downloadable PDF versions of guidance on the Competencies for Species Survey. The guidance covers the UK and Ireland and sets the criteria for the knowledge, skills and experience required by ecologists undertaking a range of species survey work in a professional capacity.

* These documents do not cover the competencies required for works or activities that may require a mitigation licence. *

CIEEM recommends that you read the Overview document in conjunction with any of the documents on individual species.
Overview Document >>

Badger >>

Barn Owl >>

Bats >>

Brown Hare and Mountain Hare >>

Eurasian Otter >>

European Hedgehog >>

Great Crested Newt >>

Hazel Dormouse >>

Natterjack Toad >>

Pine Marten >>

Polecat >>

Red Squirrel >>

Reptiles >>

Shrews >>

Water Vole >>

White-clawed Crayfish >>