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Professional Directory

Welcome to the CIEEM Professional Directory

When commissioning the services of an ecological consultant you should ensure that you are employing a skilled and competent ecologist. Members registered on this directory are professionally qualified, hold Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover the work they undertake and maintain their professional skills by undertaking continuing professional development.

This site is free to use and lists ecologists and environmental managers providing a wide range of ecological services in the UK and Ireland.

Please note that members are restricted to identifying up to 15 areas of competence in the Directory. Some very experienced members may have more areas of competence and you are encouraged to contact consultants in your area for advice and to discuss your needs.

Many members routinely offer specialist services over large distances and are prepared to travel so you may not wish to confine your search just to your local area.

Falsely claiming competence is a breach of the Institute's Code of Professional Conduct which the Institute's members are bound to abide by.

You may also find our publications What to Expect From a Bat Survey: A Guide for UK Homeowners  and A Householder's Guide to Engaging an Ecologist of use.

How to search the directory:

  1. Select the relevant keyword(s) from the drop-down box(es) (NB You do not need to select a keyword for every drop-down box)
    These keywords should relate to the skills you are looking for in a professional (e.g. great crested newt licence holder) and/or the task you would like to enlist them for (e.g. survey or report writing etc.).
  2. Select your area/country.
  3. If resident in the United Kingdom, enter your postcode (or the postcode of a property in the vicinity of the site to which your enquiry relates).
  4. Select a search distance from the drop-down list of options.
  5. Click “Search”.

Your results will appear as pin points on a map and also as a list. The list is ordered in distance from the postcode used during the search (closest at the top). The consultants shown in the results screen will have contact details in their profile so you are able make contact regarding their services.

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For the UK, you can also search by postcode by first selecting your area.
Refine your search to your area with postcode and distance.